Embracing Person-Centered Care

IMG_5316.JPGPerson-centered care is a term that is talked about at great lengths in the nursing home setting, but what does it truly mean, and how do you identify if a nursing facility is truly practicing person-centered care?

The not-for-profit organization Advancing Excellence in America’s Nursing Homes defines person-centered care as, “Person-centered care promotes choice, purpose and meaning in daily life. Person-centered care means that the nursing home residents are supported in achieving the level of physical, mental and psychosocial well-being that is individually practicable.”

The definition allows each nursing facility to interpret how this concept looks in each individual nursing facility. Ultimately, a resident in a facility that fully embraces person-center care would feel like they had the same freedom of choice that they had when they lived independently.

Key areas to identify a facilities level of person-centered care are:

  1. Dining
    • Does the facility have open dining times? Can residents choose what they are eating for each meal?
    • Are snacks available during non-meal times? Do residents have access to these snacks?
  2. Life Enrichment (daily activities)
    • Do the residents have a say in scheduled activities?
    • Are there life enrichment programs that satisfy intellectual, emotional, environmental, physical, professional, social and spiritual needs of the resident?
    • Are spontaneous resident-lead activities encouraged?
    • Does staff engage one-on-one with residents in activities that interest that particular resident?
    • Are families encouraged to participate in life enrichment functions as they would at home?
  3. Bathing
    • Do the residents control when they want to shower/bathe and how often?
    • Are the rooms for bathing relaxing, private and comfortable?
  4. Bedtime Schedules
    • Do residents get to decide when they go to bed, and when they wake up every day?
    • Do residents get to take naps/rest at times they prefer?

In a publication titled, Implementing Change in Long-Term Care – A Practical Guide to Transformation, the authors point out, “In a facility where they have fully integrated person-centered care, no decision is made without asking: “Has the resident (or residents) participated in this decision?” In most instances, for a fully person-centered care environment, the answer should be “YES!” or “No? Well, we’d better go talk with them!”.”

So when you are touring nursing facilities for skilled nursing, rehabilitation and/or long-term care, ask these questions of the staff. Really gage if the front line staff of that organization embraces person-centered care, or is it just a concept that is talked about, but not implement. To schedule a tour of The Welsh Home, and learn more about how our staff has embraced and continue to enhance our person-centered care, contact us today!


Experience the Not-For-Profit Difference

The Welsh Home is a not-for-profit skilled nursing, rehabilitation, long term care and assisted living community in Rocky River, Ohio. Being a not-for-profit nursing facility is very unique and a huge benefit to our residents and their families. Our bottom line is not profit driven, rather driven by doing and providing the right thing for every resident we serve.

The Welsh Home is governed by The Women’s Welsh Clubs of America. The foundation was established over a hundred years ago when women in the Welsh community determined there was a need for nursing care for the aging members of their community. What started as 8 beds, has now grown to 79 nursing bed and 6 assisted living suites.

As the facility has grown, The Women’s Welsh Club of America has committed to continue the Legacy of the Heart, and provide exceptional care to its residents. The board has invested in:

  • Person-Centered Care: The STNA (state tested nursing assistant) to resident ratio at The Welsh Home stays consistent at 8:1.
  • Private Rooms: Every room at The Welsh Home is private to allow for healing for the skilled and rehabilitation residents, and a home-like environment for our long term residents
  • Life Enrichment: The Welsh Home has a dedicated life enrichment team that challenges themselves daily to make a difference in each resident’s life. The programs encompass the social, spiritual, emotional, physical, and psychological needs of each individual.

The board also invests in the future of not only The Welsh Home, but in the future of the community. Every year the board approves scholarships for college students who are of Welsh descent.

To learn more about the benefits of a not-for-profit nursing facility, contact us today to schedule a tour.